Prevention In The Pandemic: How To Get Kids To Wear Masks In Public?

Prevention In The Pandemic - How To Get Kids To Wear Masks In Public

The coronavirus pandemic has introduced us to the new normal. It is an era where face masks are worn every day as a precaution. It is the time where being careful is the only way of keeping everyone safe.

Wearing a mask in public is by far the most direct method of curbing the spread of the novel virus. While adults are still trying to grasp the concept of wearing masks every day, it is the youngest cohort facing the most significant challenge.

How Can You Explain The Need For Masks?

Children tend to have fewer inhibitions due to their innocence about the world. This gives parents and guardians an ideal window to explain the elemental concept of safety.

Instead of introducing new fears in young minds, parents can directly inform the children that masks are the best way to stay safe. 

Studies have proven that children are asymptomatic carriers of the virus, which leaves them in a dangerous bracket.

Under these circumstances, adults must take on the responsibility of guiding children in the right direction. 

Here is a list of three proven methods that you can use to get kids to wear masks. 

1) Normalize Face Masks Through Fun and Games

Children are easily motivated by small rewards. The intrinsic nature of young minds can be used to integrate masks into the daily routine.

You can teach the children about the proper method of wearing and disposing of a mask and then continue to test them in the form of the old classic games of Simon Says, and I Spy.

Both of these will reinforce the need for observation and help the children to become mindful of their mask etiquette. 

2) Offer Bright And Colorful Masks

Masks may seem like a drab accessory on the funkiest outfits, but there is always a chance to make things cheery and bright.

Adding a few options of bright and colorful masks will directly develop an intrigue amongst children.

You can also go a step further to spot masks with your child’s favorite cartoon character. Remember to choose a mask that is lightweight and breathable.

Because if you force your child to wear a mask that left them hot and sweaty, then there is a substantial chance of the child refusing to wear a mask ever again. 

3) Allot Mask Responsibility For Departure

Another easy way to get the children to wear masks is through allotting mask duty. Ask one of the children to check whether every family member is wearing a mask before stepping outside.

The responsibility will help the children realize that they are carrying out a duty, something that must be done at all times!

While the child has some fun doting the family around, you get to feel accomplished for conditioning the child’s mind in the correct direction. 

Final Thoughts

It is evident that the novel coronavirus is like an unexpected guest that is not showing any signs of leaving.

This means that the public must step up their own game and preventive measures to stay away from the pandemic.

Get your children onboard to the face mask ship, and you are all good to go!

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