We provide premium quality single-use face masks with three highly effective, high density meltblown fabric and water resistant layers. 
Additional features
     1. Made in the USA 
     2. Highest quality, breathable, lightweight fabric
     3. Bacterial and particulate filtration efficiency of more than 95%
PPE For Adults
     Our manufacturing guidelines have been tested to ensure safety for everyone
from adults to children. By offering a wide range of colors, materials, and a
multi-layered design, our disposable face masks are perfectly suited for
everyone, of all sizes. With a commitment to quality, you won’t have to worry
about strings and straps breaking, sore ears, and an uncomfortable feel.
PPE For Kids
      In most locations, children above two years old are required to wear face masks upon entering public spaces. We understand the need for a comfortable, flexible face mask that children don’t get irritated by. Our team has spent countless hours researching and developing a face mask design for children specifically.
A Wide Variety Of Colors
     Taking an outside the box approach gives us a wide range of colors to fit any
uniform or stylistic preference. Not everyone needs a plain white mask.
Depending on your industry, occupation, or trade, certain colors may be a
necessity. Whether you work in the healthcare field and need a blue mask or
another color to suit your specific safety guidelines, we’re here to help.