Chaga Extract Powder
Chaga Extract Powder
Chaga Extract Powder
Chaga Extract Powder

Chaga Extract Powder

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What is Chaga?

Chaga is a type of mushroom that grows on birch trees found in Europe, Asia, Canada, and parts of the United States.

The main use for Chaga is to help boost the human immune system and in a time of a pandemic, Chaga is now a sought out affordable alternative to help you and your loved ones.


A beautiful day starts with Chaga

Chaga has been used for centuries because of all the benefits. Research has verified many of the ancient theories about the health benefits of Chaga. Today, professionals in healthcare recommend the use of Chaga products in various ways, including as a dietary supplement.


Reasons to choose Chaga

  1. Chaga by Guardest Masks is from the best sources in the world
  2. Chaga has various nutritional benefits as well as health benefits verified by healthcare professionals
  3. No fillers, no added chemicals and best of all, no GMO
  4. Our product is 100% free of contamination 
  5. Our chaga is extracted from wild harvested chaga mushroom in Siberia, packed in a GMP certify facility in the USA.